Sunday, July 22, 2012

Six Sentences from A Needful Heart! It's LIVE!

A Needful Heart is LIVE, I'm tickled to say!!! Here's my six. We went a little sexier today.

The counter was the perfect height for sex, and within just a few moments, he was at the edge of his control. Gina leaned back and ripped her shirt over her head, then her bra. The nipples on her heavy breasts were tight with arousal, and the visual of looking down at the mounds pressed against his chest was enough to push him over that edge. Groaning harshly, he plowed into her, bowing his head to her shoulder. Gina moaned in his ear as she tumbled over again as well, spasming around his dick convulsively.
It was all he could do to stay standing. 

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Six from A Needful Heart

“Uh, wow,” she laughed. She tried to adjust her leg, and Matt knew the exact second she noticed his erection. All movement stopped, and a pink tinge colored her cheeks, but she looked up with a smile, which surprised him. “We, uh, need to quit meeting like this. Really.” She pressed a quick, hard kiss to his chin before she scrambled off his lap. 

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Needful Heart - Six Sentences

Awe washed through him as he realized he was actually holding her in his arms, something he’d dreamt about for so long. Unable to deny himself, his steps slowed as he ascended the stairs.
Gina sighed as he laid her on the tan couch, sinking into the cushions. Matt pulled the afghan from the back of the couch over her, and tucked her in, then settled into an upholstered chair opposite the couch. Maybe he would just wait for her to wake up. He could watch her as she slept and imagine for a heartbeat of time that he belonged there, with her.

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Friday, July 6, 2012

TWO Blog Hop Winners!

I participated in TWO blog hops this week, the INDIEpendence Day Blog hop and the 1NS blog hop, and I had fantastic responses to both.
The winner of the INDIEpendence Blog is Kylie, who wins a $5 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card!!! She can use that to download Donna McDonald's first two books of the Forced To Serve series or whatever appeals to her.

And the winner of a copy of my book Wet Dream is....Stacie D!!!!

I had a blast on the Hops this week, and plan on doing more in the future. Stay tuned and thanks so much for participating!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1NS Bloghop

It seems only appropriate that my 1NightStand story is about a wounded veteran this July 5th. Yes, it's a day late, but it's never too late to recognize our vets. And I honestly believe that if anybody needs love, it should be them.
Here's Wet Dream

Ex-FBI agent Ginger Hampton is not surprised when her date is a no show.  Madame Evangeline, owner of 1NightStand promised her a perfect night…but Ginger is used to disappointment in love.  The fact that she’s six feet tall, model perfect and owns her own high-end security firm tends to intimidate men.  In spite of herself, she’d had high hopes for this date.
Madame Eve’s email had told him to watch for a woman in distress, and the woman at the bar is exactly that. Chief of Security Cameron Jones doesn’t see himself as a hero, but he’s willing to check on a special guest for his boss. He doesn’t realize until he sees her face that it’s Ginger Hampton, his own personal weak spot.  She’s not turned off by his brutal scarring, and even flirts as if she’s interested. When he escorts her to her room, does he have the balls to respond to her interest, and stay the night? How can he say no to…
his own personal wet dream?

I had a lot of fun writing this story, and I hope you have just as much fun reading it.  Cameron was a sweetheart to write, and Ginger was the kind of woman I would like to be. Do you have a veteran in your life? Tell us just a bit about him. Or her!

You can buy Wet Dream at Amazon.

One person who comments will win a copy of Wet Dream. Be sure to leave your email address. And, of course, follow the linky to the next stop on the blog. There are some fantastic 1NS books out there, and if you're able, you ought to collect them all. Thanks so much for stopping!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

INDIEpendance Day Blog Hop- Featuring The Demon Master's Wife

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A little over a year ago, a woman joined our local RWA chapter. She was a super nice lady, and admitted very hesitantly that she had just self-published her first book. Self-publishing, at the time, was just catching fire, and her experience and success were very intriguing to me. We had talked about the process as a group, but had no real-life examples to study until Donna walked in our door.
Donna has been, to me, one of the most important influences in my self-publishing career. She did not hesitate to talk to us about the steps she's taken in her career, good and bad, and has consistently been a cheerleader to all of us.
I read the first book in her Forced to Serve series several weeks ago, and when the chance came to promote another one of her books, I jumped at it. I chose The Demon Master's Wife, the second book in the series, and man am I glad!
Donna started out as a contemporary romance author, but she's found a wonderful niche in science fiction romance. The Demon Master's Wife was fantastic! Fast paced, tangled plots, and romance to set the pages on fire! I didn't know how she would do transferring genres, but she did freaking awesome! The situations were realistic and evoked a strong emotional response in me, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I can not wait for the third book to come out.
 The Demon Master's Wife. Here's the blurb-

Ania Looren would have chosen death over becoming a demon host, if she’d had a choice. But Captain Liam Synar, master of the Demon of Synar, and her mate, made that decision for her in order to save her life. For the two years of their separation her spiritual gifts have failed her, but Ania has learned that hosting the demon Malachi is to blame. Her spirit grieves for what she has become because evil lives inside her again now and Ania fears the great harm she can cause using the demon’s power. Unfortunately, Liam’s reluctant embrace of being the demon's master, along with his refusal to discuss Malachi with her, leaves Ania facing her destiny alone. Their personal relationship war vacillates between full out conflict and a cease fire, yet she is drawn into becoming one of his crew. Worse, she discovers she is drawn to Liam as well, despite his past rejections and the pain his abandonment caused her. But can she really let the only male she’s ever wanted back into her bed without risking her heart?

While you can read the second book alone, it may be easier to understand them in order, with The Demon of Synar first. Besides, it's only $.99!
I sincerely hope you enjoy this book! Check out Donna's Amazon page here. She's actually put out twelve other books as well this year, so there's plenty to browse through and choose from once you get addicted to her writing like I have. When I grow up, I want to be like Donna. ;-)))
One lucky commenter will win a $5 Amazon gift card, the perfect amount for book 1 and 2 of the series. Imagine that! Open to international participants.
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