Wednesday, October 12, 2011

10 Sites for Self-Pubbed Pre-Made eBook Covers

I have a lot of friends getting into self-publishing, and I plan too as well, so I've been investigating sites to buy covers for ebooks. Let me tell you, there are some fantastic cover artists out there. All of the ones listed below have pre-made designs for sale, with prices ranging from $18-$65. The prices usually include title and author name change, but be sure to check for yourself. And most of the sites of course offer design services for individuality. Here are some sites and designers worth investigating:
1) Dara England~~ I have to give props to Dara, because she did the covers for the two Decadent books I have. I absolutely love them both, and I have the utmost respect for Dara as an artist. Unfortunately, Dara's so freaking awesome that she's not accepting new clients. BUT, she has a nice page of pre-made covers for sale.
2) ~~ Jimmy Thomas. That should be all I have to say, but since some people are just getting in to the business, I will explain. Jimmy Thomas is a romance novel cover GOD. Tall, Dark and Handsome, mouth-watering bod. He has created his own company with stock images as well as pre-made covers. You may have to register, but it's easy, and well worth the access.
3) Razzle Dazzle Designs~~ They have beautiful pre-made covers and pages of stock photos.
4) Fantasia Frog Designs~~ I just love the name of this site. No, really, they're doing covers for Decadent Publishing, and they're pretty freaking awesome. Again, pre-made covers and stock photos.
5) Hot Damn Designs~~ Didn't see very many pre-made covers, but I know they do a lot of design work.
6) Purple Ink Graphics~~ They have some beautiful designs on their website. I had to make them purple.
7) Book Graphics~~ Thay have oodles of pre-made covers. A little more basic perhaps.
8) Delle Jacobs~~ Actually created a lot of the pre-made covers on the Jimmy Thomas site. She looks to be really good at Historicals.
9) Tibbs Design~~ Has a lot of good solid authors as clients.
10) Spittyfish Designs~~ You kind of have to navigate around through the categories to find all of the covers, but they look really good.

Hope this helps you out. If you know of others, maybe leave them in the comment section. Also, too, a word of caution. There are a lot of Joe Schmo's popping up thinking they can design book covers. Investigate the company as thoroughly as possible before sending money.
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JM said...
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FantasiaFrog said...

Wow, thanks for mentioning Fantasia Frog Designs in your post. We are very flattered.
If you would like a link to your site posted in our recomended sites section, just drop us a comment on our site or email us and we'll put one up right away.

Teresa Reasor said...

Thanks so much for the list. I've heard great things about Dara from everyone she's done a cover for.

Love the blog!!
Teresa R.

JM said...

Fantasia, It was an easy add. You do great work. And of course I'd like a link. I'll send you a note.

JM said...

Hi Teresa! Yes, Dara is wonderful. If you can sweet talk her into a job, you would not regret it.
Thanks for stopping by!

Melody Simmons said...


I'm an independent author and illustrator. Please check my new website at:
There may be something you like!

Melody Simmons

JM said...

Very cool! I'll add you to my list!

Melody Simmons said...

Thank you, much appreciated!

Melody Simmons

CL Smith said...

Also you can get loads form: - which is me - there's about 700 at the moment - about 100 added every week! Good quality $30.

Syd Gill said...

Hey JM,

I also do pre-made covers :) You can find them here:

Yang said...

Hi JM,

I am an exhibited artist and cover maker who specializes in unique graphic design and handpainted covers.

My premade covers are available via my etsy store at

Would love for you to check out my site. Thanks!


Lque said...

I'm a professional graphic designer and illustrator that also creates covers for design and print (premades and custom work):

Leo Colston said...

Nice list of places to find premades. Would you consider adding my site to it? We have over 400 premade covers for sale from a wide range of designers.

Kind regards,

Rachel Danielle said...

I also design premade Ebook covers-- from $5.00!

I love to design everything from fiction to nonfiction, fantasy to cookbooks. Would love for you to check it out!


Debbie said...

Hi JM,

Thanks for giving us designers a chance to get our names out there.

I'm Debbie and I run The Cover Collection.
We have over 200 pre-made covers in most genres.
Our prices are very reasonable and turnaround is usually 24 hours or less.

You can find us here:


Vitali said...

I can create stylish and professional 3D and flat ebook covers, starting from $5. You will sell more books with a great-looking cover. Over 20 different styles available. You can check out my website and design portfolio at

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great article and lists, I'd also recommend for ready made designs too. thanks, D

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a great article. We also design book covers. Please take the time to check our site out!

Peculiar Perspectives said...

I offer a small selection of premade covers at reasonable prices as well as custom cover services, also at reasonable prices. I am always willing to try to work within the author's budget. I have 10+ years in the publishing business as a cover artist and also offer formatting, proofreading and promotional art design.

Amanda C. Davis said...

Thanks for the list! I love looking at book covers, and it's so great to have so many in one place.

I've got a small premade sideline, most at $35, here:

Anjela Renee said...

I am an author and I have a website with premade covers for sale, starting at $10.

Fleur Camacho said...
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Rena Hoberman said...

Thanks for this list! I have over a hundred premade covers for sale at I add a few every week.

Alex John said...

Wowww… quite cool blog you have!!!!

Lily said...

Red Squirrel Covers creates premade covers too! We will be honored if you checked it out to see if it is worthy of making the list.

(Premade Covers)
(Main Page)

Thanks so much,