Monday, January 30, 2012

The Awakening Society

I received the cover for my self-pub I'm going to be putting up hopefully this week. I have to thank Steena at The Authors Red Room for pulling together what I wanted. Check it out.

It's out for final editing now, and hopefully within the next couple of days, I'll try to upload it to Smashwords.

I'm so excited!

ALSO! I'm going to RT Chicago this year! I'm flat out ecstatic! Money's been tight, but when I mentioned it the other day, hubby told me, "Hell, yes you're going!" So, we'll wring the money from somewhere.

On the horse front, Kid is doing wonderful. He got a bit of a belly ache the other day, and I think it's partially from trying to eat his food before the mare gets it. May try feeding them seperately this week.Update- Left the mare outside while I fed Kid and man was she Pissed! Rattling the gates and snorting. Made me glad I didn't give her anything.
Kid is just a sweetheart. I taped him the yesterday and he's in the high five-hundreds now. So he's gained almost seventy pounds in three weeks! Then, when the food is gone, he turns and wants you to scratch his head. Cutie!

Well, off to write. Have a fabulous day! We've actually got fire warnings for the area. Huh...


Taryn Raye said...

Pretty cover!

Glad Kid is doing so well. Wonderful to hear.

JM said...

Thanks dear! Glad you stopped.
I have a feeling Kid will eventually eat his way to China the way he's going.