Friday, April 27, 2012

The Awakening Society is FREE Today and Tomorrow Only!!!!

My book The Awakening Society is FREE today and tomorrow only! And it's the last time it will be free.
This is a unique book, because reader participation determines the direction of Book 2. At the end of the Amazon Select contract, I will tally up votes on the poll on the front page of my website, and Book 2 will be released. Thank you so much for taking part in this! I'm actually very excited, because the responses I've been receiving have not been what I expected.

Tonya Hughes is bittersweet about her last appointment for the Awakening Society. For twenty years she’s done her part to shape the young men of Savannah into lovers any Southern woman would want. But her time has come to an end. Unable to continue the line, she plans to ‘retire’ from the society, after one last Awakening.

To Harrison Walker, the appointment with the statuesque brunette is everything he could ever hope for. A hot woman is going to instruct him in the art of making love, and she promises to teach him anything he wants. But when his emotions get involved, will he be able to walk away the next day? And will she be able to let him?

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Ann Blanshan said...

This book was very liberating. I would really like to see Tonya and Harrison be able to use both of the versions you have put together. Why can't Harrison have a relationship to compare to with his one time with Tonya. It would give him some more experience and confidence when he does go back to Tonya. But what he doesn't know is how she could lie to him and have a child now. She had told him she couldn't concieve. And with this child bring a female, the Society would go on one more generation, except this time Harrison would be helping to teach girls how yo please men. And their daughter would be taught how to please men like Tonya was taught. I'm excited to see what comes out on this new book. Keep me posted. When it comes out. Keep writing great stuff.