Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kentucky Indie Authors

I'm very proud to be part of a new group- the Kentucky Indie Writers.

This group developed out of a need for a central area where we could share independent author information. As a career writer, I was frustrated with the lack of information available to those who wanted to self-publish their own work, as were many of the other authors in my local RWA chapter. Thankfully, we have a couple of women who have waded into the deep before us, and they are an intrinsic part of the group.

I hope you visit and surf away with more knowledge to DRIVE your career than when you started. And perhaps you can leave your own valuable insights.

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Savannah Chase said...

I'm starting the self-publishing road and am feeling frustrated as well. It is so different.

Teri Heyer said...

Best wishes to the Kentucky Indie Writers. As an Indie Author myself, I can understand the need and desire to join up with other Indies. We need the same thing in Florida, though the state is so big it'll take lots of groups. Indies do need to stick together. Hey, we're a great group of writers!:-)

JM said...

Savannah, don't get frustrated. Just realize that you are going to make mistakes, but the good part is- you can fix them! Ask questions, explore and ask more questions. One thing about Indies- they're very forthcoming with info.

JM said...

Teri, I agree, we are a great group. We're taking hold of our talent and driving our own careers!
As for Florida, you may think about creating your own local group. You'd be surprised who may crawl out of the sand, so to speak.
What part of Florida, by the way? I used to live in Sebring. I'm kind of missing it as I look out at the four inches of snow I got today!