Thursday, September 20, 2012

Love on the Line is LIVE!!!

Today is the official release of my newest Decadent Publishing novella. The Edge series is more erotic than I normally write, but I think people will enjoy it. I can never totally do without romance, so though the sex is hotter, it still has my touch to it.
Here's the blurb-
Bail Bondsman Brady Frost tracked a bail jumper all the way to New York. It was a rough apprehension, and now he just wants a quiet train ride home to Florida. He’d hoped to avoid sharing his space, but when a tight little co-ed is assigned to his cabin, then propositions him, how can he say no?

Lorna McNight is ready to shake off her self-imposed sexual drought. For four years she devoted herself to attaining her degree, but she’s ready to bust loose in a graduation bash for the record books. Rugged, mature Brady appeals to her more than any of the boys she went to school with, and she wants him to give her the ride of her life on the way to Florida. Will he cooperate and leave them both with a rail tale to remember?

I'm also at the Edge blog promoting the release and giving away a copy of the book. If you want to tell me about your own train experience (no, I don't mean sexual experience!) check out this link.

Thanks so much for checking out my book!

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