Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Special Women...and FREE Books!

I know, I know. You can smack my hand if you feel the need. I've been very remiss in blogging. All I can say is, I've been busier that a three pecker puppy. Sorry, is that wrong to say? More about my bizzy-ness later.

I received a note from an author friend who I greatly admire, and it hit me that one of the great things about publishing in these times is the amount of support we get from other authors. Indie authors, in particular, are some of the most open, welcoming people you'll ever meet. I think it may have something to do with a shared solidarity. Not necessarily US(indies) against THEM (traditional) but more of an Us for THEM- THEM being the READERS.
There's a lot of angst in the traditional publishing business these days. I think they're floundering, trying to figure out who suddenly staged a coup when they weren't looking. I think they view indies as invaders. I kinda don't think the indies care, though. We're more concerned about what our readers think than anybody else.
Small presses also encourage a congenial atmosphere. They've had to do things differently to step out of the Traditional shadow and make a name for themselves. That means depending upon all aspects of your business (authors, editors, readers, reviewers) to build each other up. I really believe I've landed in an ideal situation for my publishing career. My owner at Decadent goes out of her way to promo my indie books, and I promo Decadent any chance I get, because of the great guidance I've received from her and the editors there. I genuinely believe I would not be where I am today if it wasn't for my experience with Decadent.
SO, on to the bizzy-ness, then I'll tell you about some fantastic FREE books.
In July I released A Needful Heart . August 28th I released Tempt Me, Book 2 of The Awakening Society, and the culmination of the question I asked readers in Book 1 (which is now FREE!!)**** side note- Amazon decided to raise the price on TAS. Grrr. So, here are some links to other outlets where it IS free. Smashwords- Barnes and Noble- and at the time of this posting Kobo was down. Sorry about the inconvenience folks.**** September 21 I release Love On The Line through Decadent, and I also may release the first in my as-yet-unnamed wounded veteran series. I'm working on the second book of Love on the Line, and may have a Christmas story percolating as well. So you can understand why I haven't been paying a lot of attention to my blog recently, right?
So, to make it up to you, I'm going to tell you about some awesome free books from indie authors I admire. They were the first taste of indie publishing I got, and made an incredible impact on me. Feel free to pass this information on.
Donna McDonald sent me the note that inspired this blog, and lucky for you she has a couple of free books you need to check out. Very different series', but each wonderful in their own right.

Dating A Cougar in the Never Too Late series.

The Demon of Synar in the Forced to Serve series.

Masters at Arms in the Rescue Me series.

All three books are super fantastic and deserve to be read.
So, you've got 4 free books now if you follow the links! Happy reading and stayed tuned for more to come!


Anonymous said...

You are a gem, Jen, and we're really so happy to have you at Decadent. I'm happy to promote any authors I admire and whose books I love, some people just make it REALLY easy to want to do so! *wink*

Congrats on all your new releases and upcoming releases!

Heather Bennett
Decadent Publishing

Hai-Yen said...

Thank you for the heads-up about the free books. Unfortunately, it seems your book is not free. At least not for me. Wishing you continued success and see you online!

JM said...

Heather, I think you're one of the few publishers I know that supports a writer in ALL of their endeavors, not just those that will benefit the company. I really appreciate it. And You. You're an awesome cheerleader for all of us!

JM said...

Hai-Yen, if you see this send me an email. author jm madden @ We'll see what we can do for you.
Actually, where are you located? I'll try to contact Amazon.

Liza O'Connor said...

I'm eyeing the spam filter. I think I can pass it, so I'll write a comment. This is both exciting and worrisome times for publishing. I imagine much like when cars showed up and the carriage guys got worried. I agree DP is a wonderful publisher. Well I better go attack this spam filter now...

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